Success and the philosophy of a man.

Success and the philosophy of a man.

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Success is determine by the psychology and philosophy of a man.

I believe you’ve asked yourself this question before ”why do some people succeed in life and some people fail” So what is wrong with those who failed life, did they offend the gods, or maybe they weren’t destined for success.

We studied the life of great and successful men in various fields e.g. business, politics, technology, arts e.t. c.

And we discovered the two most important principles that is common to these great men. And this principles are found in their philosophy and psychology.

Psychology of man towards success.

What is psychology?

Psychology is the mental, emotional, and behavioral characteristics pertaining to a specified person, group, or activity.

The above definition by is a good definition of psychology, also psychology is how we perceive mentally and emotionally the activities, situations, actions or reactions of our environment.

Our philosophy determines our psychology, our background, experiences and exposure.

You have probably known that our behavior (attitudes) is a great determinant of our success.

When a man is having negative psychology, it is as a result of negative experience that made up the philosophy of the man, also a man with a positive psychology is also as a result of his positive philosophy.

Everyone has had unpleasant experiences in the past, and this unpleasant experiences might make us perceive life in a negative way.

From our research we realized that successful people learn to perceive life in a positive way, believing life is a gift not a plague, believing they have given life to make the world better.

They learn to perceive life in a positive way by not living in the shadow of their past and unpleasant experiences. Also by learning to get positive information which help them to develop the right psychology and philosophy for success.

Philosophy of man towards success

Philosophy is our beliefs, there is nobody without a belief system, we live life with our beliefs, everything we do emerge from our beliefs. A man who becomes great, firstly believed that he can great. Our beliefs is us.

The right psychology and philosophy make the great man.

What really makes a man to be successful is the right psychology and philosophy, it is not that some categories of human are luckier than other, it’s not that they bribed the gods.

Our differences in perceptions lie in our psychology and philosophy which is the result of our experiences, background, exposure e.t.c.

The interesting part is that all our experiences in life either carry negativity or positivity which made up our beliefs. And a man who developed negative beliefs from his negative experiences is likely to fail in life. But a man who made positive beliefs from negativity and positivity experiences is likely to succeed in life. And that is what makes a successful man.

The difference in philosophy is what made Thomas Edison keep trying after 1000 failures, some people would have given up.

Also, Albert Einstein despite being known as a true genius in the present day, this intellectual didn’t have a great start (to say he was running behind is an understatement).

As a kid, he didn’t begin to speak a word until he was 4 years old. A few years later, his elementary school teachers considered him lazy because he would ask abstract questions that made no sense to others.

He kept on anyway, eventually formulating the theory of relativity — something most of us still can’t understand today.

Also, Benjamin Franklin,

A founding father, the inventor of bifocals and the lightning rod and elementary-school dropout — it sounds crazy, but this is an accurate description of Franklin.

His family couldn’t afford to finance his education after his 10th birthday, but that didn’t stop him. He read books like crazy and took every opportunity he could to learn. Ironically, Franklin is now found in the history books that 10-year-old kids around the world read every day.

The above world changers had negative experiences, but they choose to develop right psychology and philosophy from their negative experiences.

When you encountered your last failure or rejection you feel hurt and you want to back out. Everyone feels hurt when they are rejected, and they want to avoid being rejected again.

The above is the effect of psychology which is the mental and emotional behavior of us, but the right philosophy inspires you to do it again, inspires you not to give up on life, motivates you to keep going,

The right philosophy and psychology make you believe that failure is part of success.

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