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The better in the best.

The better in the best.

Is there better in the best?

Thinking about this above question, trying to understand that if it is the best, then it is the end, or there is still better after the best.

In English study, we have the word, comparative and superlative, so the expression of best in it’s word, comparative and superlative is good, better and best.

So the question is, does life follow the expression of the word, comparative and superlative of English ?

If it does, then best is the end of everything we do, if it doesn’t then we can have better after the best.

So can we really have better after our best?

Can we really be better after we have attain our best?

The theologian Jerome said and I quote
“Good, better, best, Never let it rest, Til your good is better, and your better best.”

Sometimes what we call our best might be the illusion coming from our comfort zone or the comparation with the environment, making us thinking that this is the best and it can’t be better.

When I was in high school during my junior years, I was the best student, being the best student comes easily for me, representing the schools in quizzes and competitions and became the librarian of the school because of the level of knowledge I have demonstrated.

After my junior years, I transferred to another school with the mindset of being the best, I was flabbergasted at the end of the first year to discovered that my best was the school average.

If I had know I would have made my best, better in my junior year.

I learnt a very important lesson about growth from this personal experience , when you are at your best you don’t stop growing to be better. Because your best is someone’s average.

Learn to always think of a way to make your best better.

This above principle will have tremendous effect in your life, business, career or relationship.

Do remember that if your best can be better, you don’t have a reason to stick to your best, fight for the better best.

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