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Team Leader: 9 Powerful Secret For A Good Team Leader

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9 Powerful Secret for a good team leader

teamThere are many traits that should be evident in a good leader.

Being a good leader should ideally mean a person who has a vision and is prepared to steer those working with him or her into focusing on and achieving the same said vision together effectively and efficiently. We show you how.

The following are just some of the traits that should be visible in a good leader.

Good leaders lead. Being a good leader does not necessarily mean one has to own the business in order to steer it in a successful manner.

It simply means that the direction of the company or project would entail having someone with a clear vision of how the goals are to be achieved to the best of everyone’s abilities and to the benefit of the company.

Good leaders listen. Listening is a vital tool that many fail to place importance on.

Having the ability to really listen to clients and co workers alike will facilitate better decision making and thus produce better results.

Good leaders are available. To learn more about leadership read Wikipedia leadership

This does not mean that the leader has to hold everyone’s hand every step of the way through the project but effectively meaning to be there and ready to jump in and help when things stagnate.

This is especially important when the others involved are frustrated or discouraged, thus having someone always ready to get back on track will be a good motivating tool.

Good leaders prioritize and organize. These are good principals to live by whether in the work place or in one’s personal life. Being able to strike a good balance and show this to others around will help everyone cope with the pressures of personal and work life.

Learn how to be committed to lead your team

Most people who start out setting goals for themselves or for the team they are leading start out on an ecstatic note.

However in most cases this soon takes a turn towards a downward spiral fall when they realize setting goals and the work involved to reaching the said goals
are two very different and often very difficult things to do.

Therefore the element of commitment is a very important ingredient to not only
have in the mix but to also exercise constantly

Stick To Leading Your Team

After the initial short burst of energy and enthusiasm, the commitment element is what is going to see the leader and the other team members to success. The following are some recommendations in the direction to stay focus and committed:

Though it may a little unusual to some, creating a mantra for the team whereby the focus is clearly on the end goal is a good starting point.

This mantra will help everyone involved keep the goal foremost in their mind both visually and mentally. The emotional connection with the goal is a very powerful tool to tap into to ensure the vision is kept alive and vital.

Another way of initiating commitment is by creating a ritual or routine that is designed with the end goal in mind. This routine will enable those involved to be constantly aware of the goal and enhance the working mechanisms towards it.

The routine should ideally be designed to fit around or include every aspect of the individual’s life to help limit or even eradicate any of the stress levels that might become evident because of the commitment.

Making plans that are connected to the time after the goal is reached is also a successful way to ensure there is enough commitment from all parties to see the goal successfully reached.

Most people fail to plan this part thoroughly and so there is no real sense of urgency that will subconsciously help to keep the commitment alive and relevant.

Protect your team from distractions 

Working as a team on anything can be a very enjoyable and often time flies without anyone realizing where the time has gone. This is good and bad.

Good because everyone is comfortable working together and bad because sometimes the quality of the work is effected or substandard.

Keep Your Team Them Focused

The main contributing reason for this popular problem lies in the distractions that often take the attention of those working on the project or as a team.

Your team play a vital role in your financial abundance as an entrepreneur, so you must make sure that nothing distracts them.

These distractions can take the form of gossip, arguments, social calendar planning, discussion that don’t focus on work and many more things that have little or nothing to do with the work or project the team is supposed to be working on.

The following are some very practical ways to minimize these distractions from becoming the focal point of everyone’s day:

  • Once team discussion sessions relevant to the projects are over, try keeping further unnecessary interaction from taking up one’s time by returning to the assigned work station and put on a set of earphones. Research has shown that for some strange reason most people will instinctively avoid disturbing anyone wearing head phones. This will effectively eliminate any unwanted interaction that will cause unnecessary distractions.
  • Providing a comfortable working area for the team or individual to work in is important but having a lot of comfortable furniture that will encourage others to linger within the space will interfere in the immediate commencement of work thus contributing to distractions.
  • If there is a need to interact with others during the working hours, keep the conversation always work centered. Keeping these sessions short and to the point by performing other task while the conversation is going on, will help to eliminate the urge to introduce other non connective topics into the conversation, thus causing everyone to sink into a comfortable chatty state. It will also signify to the other party that the individual is busy and not interested in indulging in idle chatter.

Build A Leadership Mastermind Group

For some this is a unique phenomenon, while for others it is a time trusted way of doing things.

Either way, the leadership mastermind group style has been around for a while and is here to stay as it has been found to have a lot of merits.

Leaders getting together to work out problems and come up with workable solutions based to their various contributing expertise is the basis of this group’s work ethics.

Your Team

Having all the necessary positive skills and successful leadership qualities, they are able to take on the challenges of providing more than adequate solutions to problems posed.

Qualities such as trust, harmony, confidentiality, intelligence and a host of other positive elements are the foundation of such groups.

The following are some of the traits that are evident in good leadership mastermind groups:

  • Working together is the main theme of these seemingly elite groups. Comprised of individuals who are generally respected contributors in their own varied fields, they come together periodically yet on a consistent basis to help solve problems collectively. Besides this there is also the platform to have lively debates and exchange of ideas. This style usually contributes positively to the different perspectives that would otherwise not be realized individually.
  • These groups usually have very clearly defined purposes for its existence. Even the membership criterion is clearly evident and almost never changed to accommodate others who may be termed as unsuitable candidates. The basis of these groups is trust and harmony which form the unshakeable foundation. This “safe” setting allows the discussion to be conducted in a manner where no information is considered taboo or not up for discussion.
  • Selecting the right people to be part of the group in order to ensure sustainability is very important to the group’s survival as a whole. As the discussions are usually quite intense and very much confidential in nature the group has to be selective in their choice of team members.

Recognize Your Top People in Your Team

Recognition for most people is a very important and rewarding element to include in any quest to harness the best out of everything.

Being able to recognize an individual’s contribution and capitalize on it and also acknowledge it will not only work positively for the recognition process but also enhance the sense of achievement made.

Point Out The Good

This element of recognition is vital to keeping people motivated and relevant in their respective contributions to the team and it also encourages everyone to push the limits in ensuring the goals set are successfully met.

The following are some ways this recognition can be shown without too much fuss or fanfare yet still maintaining the sense of appreciation for their contributions:

Awards –

This is a popular incentive used by many companies who have proven successful track records.

Getting teams members motivated through this method has helped to get people “racing” to successfully accomplish set goals where the rewards come in the form of awards.

Awards bestowed in a fairly public setting have motivating factors that few other incentives can manage to inculcate.

Bonuses –

Bonuses are another way to acknowledging or recognizing the contributions of top achievers.

There are only a few things more powerful than being rewarded monetarily. Most top achievers work towards this money incentive goal, therefore using money as a compensation tool is very enticing and definitely worth the effort exercised.

Good rewards systems which may include trip incentives, goodies like cars, technological “toys” and others are also often used as recognition tools for top achievers.

The recognition becomes even more enviable if the rewards are exclusive and one of a kind item which would signify the importance of the contribution on the part of the top person or top achiever.

Promotions –

Promotions are another very powerful way of recognizing the top person’s contributions and this is also a way of announcing to others just how value is placed on the individual receiving the promotion.

Set Performance Measures For Your Team

When there are many projects underway it is often difficult to know exactly what is going on and how much each project has achieved without supporting tools to help identify this in detail.

The performance measurement tool helps to show the progress at any given time with a credible amount of detail.


The key indicators will help to have a better overview of the project for those seeking to have this information immediately.

These quantifiable measurements have to be agreed upon before the actual project commences as it will reflect only critical points that were first decided to be reflected when such information is needed.

The indicative points will generally differ according to the different types or organizations.

Having performance measures that keep tab of the percentages of the income against the return customers is one of the more popular elements.

The profits and related fiscal measure are good indicators about the current standing of the company and this too can be measured by this same tool.

This information will then assist the team to either reassess their current operating methods or continue to enhance them.

All these decisions would depend on the information gained from the performance measurement tool.

A business that is very service orientated may have the percentage of customer calls attended to within a short stipulated time frame documented.

This documentation will then help to decide is the current time frame is adequate and acceptable or if it should be changed.

Any performance measurement chosen should always be done according to the idea that it is meant to reflect the team’s goals and how effectively they are being handled and reached.

Being able to identify the failures and successes will help to further fine tune the contributing style with the intension of ensuring the best possible results are derived.

Think Outside The Box

Contrary to the old belief which favors more of the tried and true methods to getting things done, today most companies, businesses, groups and individuals are encouraged to think outside the box as often as possible.

This ideally would allow the creative side of everyone to surface which is some cases can lead to surprisingly great solutions and ideas.

A Different View

Thinking outside the box simply means to approach problems, situations, projects and anything endeavor that require the thought process to be detailed with an open mind and with new and more innovative ways.

Exploring the various possibilities available would allow for a wider and perhaps more energy, time and resources saving methods that can and should be given a chance to be adopted.

Sometimes borrowing methods from other totally unrelated platforms and tweaking them to suit the individual’s current needs can and usually does produce incredible and interesting results. Even using tried and true methods but adding on or adjusting some areas may also yield pleasant and surprising results.

Seeking advice from sources that would normally be thought of as ridiculous is also another way to exercising the thinking out of the box concept.

Inviting people to share their view without setting boundaries to curb their creativeness should be encouraged. Trying new methods or copying other successful formulas but adding on the personal touch is also showing the willingness to venture outside the box thinking. Inviting and trying random applications also helps to bring new life into a business or project that is currently becoming sluggish and boring.

Sometimes taking a step back and viewing the situation from a different perspective that is totally foreign in concept and thought process does help to redefine the processes that are in current use enough to inject newer and more risk taking applications that can breathe new life into the situation.

Be Passionate About Your Business And Team

People who are passionate about what they do exude a certain aura that can not only be very positive but can also be very contagious.

This positive element is often what drives them to phenomenal successes and satisfaction.

Leaning to acquire such a positive disposition will help any individual stay committed to any endeavor until success is evident.


Love It

Engaging team members’ minds to be focused and competent are good but getting them to be passionate will be even better this will not only involve the mind but also the heart which in turn will create a connection that brings meaning to their work.

When people are able to relate to their work in body, mind and soul a whole new level of vibrancy and effort is evident.

In the quest of getting people to be passionate about what they are committed to several different areas should be addressed.

The following are just some recommended areas:

  • Having a clear understanding of the direction the team is heading towards will generate the positive energy that is needed to see the exercise to its successful end. When there is a clear picture painted, the relatable element becomes significant thus igniting the passion to dynamically achieve the desired results.
  • Knowing the clear direction would then entail the designing of the strategy that would take everyone towards the said clear direction. When everyone is on the same thinking and understanding platform and all are working towards the common goal the passion element will be very visible as the encouraging support of one another will bring about this positive addition.
  • Wanting to make a contribution or be an active part of the team will also create the passion for the individual as they avail themselves and their services. Getting involved in something that one is happy to be a part of will naturally bring about the feeling of being passionate about the particular endeavor.

The Importance Of Being A Good Team Leader

Good team leaders take on the role of organizing, delegating, facilitating, and any other traits that the situation may require.

They can also help to provide a number of other benefits such as creating and maintaining a productive team, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the individual within the group and dealing with them as effectively as possible to ensure the negative elements do not in any way effect the general progress of the entire project.

Why It’s Good

Finding ways to increase the productivity levels of everyone is also another trait of a good team leader. As the team leader is privy to a lot of beneficial information he or she can use this information to make changes to ensure better results are derived.

Good team leaders also act as liaisons between team members and outside factors such as answerable superiors, higher management committees, share holders and any other outside parties that may have some vested interest in the team’s progress.

Basically team leaders are instrumental in the success or at worst the failures of any team formed. Therefore it is very important to pick the right individual to head the team as the team leader.

Making a poor choice could leave the team without proper direction or guidance thus creating the possibility of failure even before the team is given a chance to showcase their capabilities.

A more experienced team leader will be better equipped both mentally and physically to deal with issues that are part and parcel of any working group or team.



There are many benefits of having the presence of a good team leader within any project where everyone is required to work together to produce a specific goal.

The contributions of a good team leader may include steering the team with new and innovative styles, encouraging everyone involved to stay enthusiastic about the project, help to keep the project on track and up to speed and many more positive elements.



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