Hello Friends;

I hope you’re still in the pursuit of writing amazing things for yourselves. Remember,you are the only one who can. Keep writing your stories to greatness,That’s where you belong Friend.

So,today I will be sharing with us an important information with us and I hope you’ will stay through to the end. I will be glad if you did and I’m certain you will be encouraged and enlightened if you stay.

Have you ever had this feeling that I’m some seconds away to sharing???

Have you ever felt left in the lurch by God when others seems to be getting blessed but not you? Have you ever questioned God if He will ever open a book of remembrance and maybe call out your name? Have you wondered if it will ever be your season and turn or if you will ever be the next in line???

I know that feeling and it can be so puzzling when the things you prayed for is answered through another person yet you have to stay happy and celebrate with them because that’s what our “church mind” request of us.

Let’s paint some pictures here. I hope you have your brush and colours here😂😂. I mean let’s have some scenarios to further explain what I’m trying to pass across…………..

FAMILY- You have been married for more than ten solid years now, yet you are having problems conceiving. You’ve attended Shiloh programmes or Holy ghost hour convention at different time of the years and it just seem you’ll be staying so long like Hannah. Perhaps till you’re assumed “drunk”. And here is a newly wedded bride who is your next door neighbor who didn’t even have to wait for years not even months to conceive. And you have to celebrate with these people for their bounty good news and you ever wondered if you’re cursed or perhaps the popular saying if you’re been attacked by your village people.

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RELATIONSHIP Everyone around you seems to be hooked and having wedding bells in view but all you ever fit in for is the “aso-ebi geng” or some “bridal train stuffs” and somehow you’re still struggling to get a guy to notice you or you don’t even see your picture perfect guy to date not to mention starting a dating phase or maybe the guys in your life are just not committed to make it to the altar with you. And you wondered again, if you’re truly cursed and the need to question your parents if your placenta was buried well.

JOB- You are a first class graduate who is so confident of acing any interview and also think you should be their first preferred choice but you never gets called. And your friend who finished with a lower class result seem to be having things work well for them. Lastly,you think you’re doomed and nothing good was ever made for you.

And many other things from material possessions we desire but obviously not in our reach yet other people who don’t measure up to us seem to be getting grasp of all those things.

Have you ever had such feelings YAY or yay😂???

At this point,you know definitely you can’t question God because He does as He wills. And out of curiosity too,you are wondering when something good will pop up for you too. But what if God is saying it’s not about being your turn but it’s about your season which synonymously means your time.

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What I’m saying is, honestly it can be your turn,but is it your season? Are you ready for it to be your time?To handle the blessing well. When it’s your season the blessing will not stop coming. As Humans,our reasons or motives for wanting certain things is wrong and God who is always up there puts a hold on the blessing till the right time when He is sure your motive is right and as such, you’re grown and mature to handle the blessing you asked for. And sometimes,it really might not be any of the reason I stated but it wasn’t your season. God knows us best.

So friends, When it’s your season,you will be prepared and you must have undergo certain process that qualifies you for your blessing. By then,you’re ready for the manifestations because it’s your season. Your TIME.

There was a time in my life I struggled gaining admission into the institution,Now it wasn’t because I wasn’t brilliant or maybe I was under attack but it looked like it then because I was frustrated,I couldn’t eat and I lost the vibes to do things, I think I lost track of some friends because I was comparing but honestly Life doesn’t reward us that way and God doesn’t work that way too. He deals with individual accordingly. I actually got admitted into a polytechnic eventually but my parents kicked against going to a polytechnic that I was settling for something less. Eventually, I did got admitted into a university against all odds because it was just my TIME. When it’s your season,nothing will stop what God has in store for you.

Nothing happens in life by accident, every event is a connected piece of a series orchestrated by time and chance,which is authored by God. There is need for you to take change of situations in your life through prayer and confession.

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Don’t view the daily events of your life as random happenings, but learn to commune with God and hear from Him as you go through life.

I’m glad you made it here. I’m about to come to a halt😊. Many were indeed called but just FEW were chosen. You’re the chosen one because you made it down to this line. Congratulations Friend!

I just want to encourage someone out there who feels abandoned by God,or who is tired of waiting, hoping, and praying. Don’t give up yet. God never forsakes.

My Dear,when it’s your turn most especially your season,it will happen like a flash. Then,you will know that God has your name written on His palm. Stop stressing. Great things takes time.

In your wilderness,Be open to the things you need to be equipped with and soonest you’ll be celebrated like David.

I hope that you have enjoyed all you read.

I pray that you remain blessed in Christ who gives perfect gifts to His own at the appointed time. Amen.

Most Importantly, I hope you have been encouraged. Thank you for taking a moment be here. If you’re blessed, Be a channel of blessing to others by sharing, using the like, and comment button.

Love and Light always.



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