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Self motivated quiz

This is just a simple quiz to test your level of motivation towards setting and accomplishing your goals.

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I create a vivid and powerful vision of my future success before embarking on a
new goal.

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I tend to worry about why I won't reach my goals, and I often focus on why something probably won't work.

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I tend to do the minimum amount of work necessary to keep others (teacher, parents, boss) satisfied.

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When I come up with a really good idea, I am surprised by my creativity. I figure it
is my lucky day, and caution myself not to get used to the feeling.

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When an unexpected event threatens or jeopardizes my goal, I tend to walk away, set a  different goal and move in a new direction.

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I worry about deadlines and getting things done, which causes stress and anxiety.

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I believe that if I work hard and apply my abilities and talents, I will be successful.

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I use rewards (and consequences) to keep myself focused. For example, if I finish my report on time, I allow myself to take a coffee break.

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I think positively about setting goals and making sure my needs are met.

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I regularly set goals and objectives to achieve my vision for my life.

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When working on my goals, I put in maximum effort and work even harder if I've suffered a setback.

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I'm unsure of my ability to achieve the goals I set for myself.

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