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Past: Practical how to let it go

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How to let go of the past

How to let go of the past, presumably, almost everyone has been through a tough and unpleasant experience like disappointment, rejections, abuse e.t.c.

And some are mentally and emotionally stuck in their past because of the awful experience they had been through. The purpose of this article is to enlighten you on what to do to let go of the past.

To let go of the past the purpose of the past must be determined.

To let go of the past, we must understand the purpose why what happened to us in the past happened, what happened to us might be terrible but looking deeply at the past we can still see lessons and positivities.

Just like the ancient Christian Apostle, Paul wrote that “all things happen for good for those that trust the Lord” even though the good might not be visible. I know this might be difficult to believe but to let go of the past you must look beyond the negativities see the positivities.

Also, the past should be a residence to lessons, wisdoms and insights needed to make the future great.

Some abuse the past, making it a residence instead of a reference to visit when in search of wisdoms, lessons and insights into the future.

Mistake is inevitable in a man’s life, the famous physicist Albert Einstein said “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

The failures, rejection or mistakes of the past should not be what should limit our potential.

Most successful people became successful because they learnt from their mistakes, they chose to make their past a place of residence for wisdoms, lessons and insights.

Letting go of the hurts and seeing the lessons in the failures we had in the past, seeing how the mistakes we had in the past make us better is the only way to make our past a reference.

Decide to see lessons in failure, see how better you have become from the experience not how worse. And you will realize that success is just a step ahead.

To let go of the past, forgiveness must be given.

Is forgiveness given, earned or deserved?

Forgiveness (read more on forgiveness) is given, not earned or deserved. We have erroneously believe that forgiveness must be earned or deserved before we can forgive.

No! forgiveness is given because you want to be at peace, you don’t have to wait for the person whom you need to forgive to do something to earn or deserve your forgiveness.

Give it out, it might be toughed, difficult to do. You might feel he/she needs to be punish for what he did, yes! he/she need to be punished.

But that doesnt change what has happen, also he/she is not being punished by you not forgiving literally you are the one being punished for allowing your peace to be stolen by unforgiveness and that doesn’t represent your virtue.

Just close your eyes and open your heart and give a genuine forgiveness with a smile and see how you’ll be filled with unspeakable peace.

To let go of the past, you must always remember you have forgiven.

We have memory, and our memory is part of us, they can’t change or be removed except in rare medical cases.

We are prone to remember both great and worst experiences of our lives. To always live in peace and let go of the past with it resentments we must always remind our that we have totally forgiven and reminding ourselves the lessons we have learnt from the experience e.g learning to forgive.

In addition, choosing to see the possivities and possibilities of new virtues, lessons and opportunities we have encountered help us to let go of the past and it resentments.

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