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Important rule of love.

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Important rule of love.

It was early in the morning, the interior of Dr John office looks beautiful with different awards hanged on the wall.

Everywhere was silent till a loud knock on the door raised Dr John’s head up from the book he was reading and the door opens.

A lady in her mid thirties walked inside the office.

Her sweet cologne filled the room her purple turtleneck top radiates her beauty, everything about this lady was beautiful except the tears that were rolling down her eyes.

Dr John stood up in amazement, he was surprised to see an angel crying.

He opened his mouth and whispered “is everything okay ma’am”

The lady replied “I’m Jane and I have been married to my husband for more than 10 years. We were so in love when we got married. But right now, we struggle to have two minutes conversation in the house. All he does is to watch sports and focus on his computer claiming he is working on a project.

Dr John has been a marriage counselor for more than 28 years, he realized the problem.

He replied “ma’am can you please sit down?”

The beautiful lady who has now stopped crying quietly sat down.

Dr John continued “All I want you to do when he’s watching sports is to sit down with him, also when he’s working on his computer, sit with him. And ask him this question when he’s working. Honey is there anything I can do for you. If he says “no” don’t worry, if he tells you what to do, smile and help him to do it”.

After quietly listening to Dr John’s advice, the lady left.

After 2 weeks, the lady came back with her face brightened up with this heavenly smile she said,

“Doctor, how do you know sitting down with my husband when he is watching sport and when he is working on his computer will save my marriage.”

Dr John replied “I realized that what is important to him, you don’t see it important.

Dr John’s reply shows one of the most important thing we sometimes fail to do in our  relationship.

We fail to show support and care to what is important to our spouse or lover.

One of the way we interpret love as human is seeing the person we love showing care and interest in our priorities.

Your lover’s parents might a priority to him/her, care about them.

Your lover’s work might be a priority to him/her talk to him/her about it.

Your lover’s vision might be a priority to him/her, care about it.

Your lover’s dream might be a priority to him/her show interest in it.

Learn to show care and interest in what is important or of priority to your lover. It is one of the way we interpret love.

You are the ultimate priority of your lover, and because of this he/she needs your care and interest in other priorities or what he/she attached a sense of importance to.

When you show your support and interest in his/her priorities he/she is convinced that you truly love him/her.


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