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Networking and Leadership

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Being a good leader is not just for the business, political or governmental sectors. Savvy networkers know the importance of having leadership quality to improve their business and social endeavors. Possessing these good qualities and leading others is also essential for developing relationships and networks. It can be a foundation for growth, development as well as accountability and responsibility. As the leadership component develops, it can turn into various forms of coaching and mentorship. These aspects of professional development add value to any individual’s networking objectives.

Listed below are essential ways in which professionals can utilize their character and abilities to produce viable and profitable connections.


In order to gain someone’s trust and business, networkers should lead with a genuine character. Their character should embody their value system and image in business or social affairs. Character traits should compliment each other and align with the individual’s goals and reason for networking. Above all, an individual’s character must remain consistent. Great leaders are known for their character and behavior towards others. Their strength lies in their commitment, dedication and integrity.


Individuals who implement their leadership qualities while building relationships should focus on creating positive influences. They should use their networks to foster productive exchanges and merge networks for mutual benefits. Use your status to establish better communication and development for advancement. Promote opportunities for referrals, leads and other tactics for growth. Encourage other individuals within your network to do the same and mirror your efforts.

On the contrary, do not use your elevate position to control or manipulate. Keep focused on your networking mission and purpose and the people in your networks. Show a genuine interest in their success. Your influence should reflect your willingness to help and support others.


Find effective methods of using your character and influence in networking to properly lead others. Consider joining a professional networking group and being the director or coordinator. Volunteer for projects in your workplace or community for more experience and opportunity. Also, create a network of your own with like minded individuals. Another option is to mentor or coach a group of individuals who can benefit from your business or expertise. This can also including doing joint ventures, associations or partnerships.

These tips and suggestions can greatly impact any professional’s networking agenda. It can dramatically improve the quality of your relationship building and expand your networks. It can also enhance the social and professional development.


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