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Leadership Qualities: How To Build Consistency

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Leadership Qualities: How To Build Consistency

What makes consistency a desirable leadership quality? Anything you do repeatedly becomes a habit, and a habit is hard to break. As a leader you want to be known for forming a variety of good habits (treating people fair, encouraging others, being empathetic, leading by example, making quality decisions based on relevant facts, etc.) This article suggests six strategies for building consistency.

6 Ways to Build Consistency

  • Make it your motto.

Commit to being consistent by developing a personal motto. Regarding time, for example, my motto is to always be on or ahead of time. I’ve maintained this philosophy for a long time. As a result, people know that I squeeze as much as possible out of every 24 hours and I do not allow others to waste my time.

  • Be consistent wherever you go.

Simply put, apply it to every area of your life. Consistency across the board has a compound effect. You will excel in your professional and personal life.

  • Communicate your philosophy to others.

Communicating your philosophy to others is risky (when you don’t practice what you preach they’ll hold you accountable) but necessary. Why? Knowing what the leader respects is beneficial to the leader and his or her followers. The leader serves as a positive role model. At length, others will want to emulate what they see.

  • Stay the course.

Stick to your guns. Don’t waver. Wavering is like wondering and this wishy-washy way of behaving confuses the people around you. One of the quickest ways to lose followers is to be inconsistent. Aside from appearing as the jekyll and hyde of decision-making, you cause confusion. Consequently, confusion breeds strife and a lack of respect. Lead by example.

  • Encourage others to practice consistency.

When you value something, the natural tendency is to promote it. All in all, you walk the walk and talk the talk. Thus, take the opportunity to discuss consistency during meetings and one-on-one coaching sessions. Explain what it is, how it can be applied, and how it contributes to success Make it a goal to encourage others to be consistent in their professional and personal lives. Wherever you go, you’re always there.

  • Recognize and reward it.

Acknowledge and reward people for being consistent. How? Together, let’s count the ways; consistency covers a lot of territory. Some are consistently on time. Some consistently show up-no matter what. Some consistently bring out the best in others. Some consistently give 200%. Some consistently express compassion. Hold a brainstorming session to generate ideas.

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