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Larry Walters, the dream chaser.

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Larry Walters, the dream chaser.

Larry Walters was a truck driver, but his life-long dream was to fly.

He tried to join the Air Force, but his poor eyesight had disqualified him. So, one day he took matters into his own hands.

He went down to the local army-navy surplus store and bought forty-five large weather balloons and a tank of helium.

He blew up the balloons, attached them to a lawn chair (which he temporarily anchored to his Jeep), packed a BB gun and some sandwiches, and cut the anchoring cords.

Larry’s launch climbed faster and higher than he expected, and in a matter of minutes, he rose to an elevation of 11,000 feet! Now scared about shooting out any of the balloons at such a high altitude, Larry stayed up there, sailing around for fourteen hours.

Eventually he drifted into the approach corridor for the Los Angeles International Airport. A PanAm pilot radioed the tower about passing a guy in a lawn chair who had a gun in his lap. Finally the Navy dispatched a helicopter and performed a successful rescue.

As Larry was being led away by the authorities, a reporter called out and asked, “Mr. Walters, why did you do it?” Larry replied, “Hey, if you want to turn your dreams into a reality, you can’t just sit around.”

Lesson learnt from Larry Walters.

The above statement by Larry Walters touch the deepest part of my heart and inspire this lesson.

Larry needed to turn his dreams into reality and he invented his own aircraft.

If a man want to achieve his goals and be successful he must be determined to pay the price of turning his dream to reality.

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