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Is the future far?

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Is the future far?

Growing up I used to believe the future is far, believing that 10 years, 20 years or 30 years to come is far. Believing that it’s going to take long years of experience, training and education to accomplish my life’s vision.

What if the future is not far.

What if the future is not far.

Okay, if I tell you the future is not far and shockingly it’s next 5 minutes, 5 seconds.

Some will say the future is far, but the reality is that the future is the next 5 minutes and it is determine by the decisions will make right now.

The past has little to do with the future but the present has much to do with the future.

Also, the future is not far. It’s the next one second and everything you do right now determines maybe you’ll achieve your life’s vision, dream or aspirations.

Dear friend, my greatest fulfillment will be to see you make it to your future, achieve your goals, dreams and visions. So I’ll give you the following principle which I live by every day.

The principle is “take a step closer to your dreams every day and see where you’ll be in the next 12 months”.

Do something that take you closer to your dream, maybe your dream is to build a multi-million dollar company, start a foundation, start a school e.t.c. Whatever your dream is, do something that take you closer to it every day.

Activities like reading biographies of those who had done something similar or achieve similar goals, spending time with a mentor or someone that is already walking your path, getting information about what you want to do, going to conference or meeting people who are into same business with you.

If you are committed to taking a step closer to your dream every day, in other words, making use of the present and forgetting the past, imagine where you’ll be in the next 12 months.

So think about a simple step you can take to accomplish your life goals today. And don’t stop today, do another simple thing tomorrow that push you closer to your dream.

Take a step closer to your dream every day and at the end of a year you’ve taken 365 steps closer to your dreams. So guess where you’ll be, taking a step closer to your dreams every day for 2 years…

Follow the above principle and I believe I’ll see you at the top.

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