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Leadership Is Influence, how to instill leadership qualities in your kids

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Leadership Is Influence

Dr. John C. Maxwell (a famous leadership expert) defines leadership as influence. He states that the highest level leaders, “… often possess an influence that transcends the organizations and the industries they work in.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for every parent to know how to begin to instil leadership influence in their kids that could eventually set them up to become the greatest leaders on the planet!

5 Simple Keys

There are 5 great leadership quotes that outline keys for enhancing the leadership influence of anyone in your tribe.

1. Hold Them Accountable

“When you hold people accountable, you increase their chances for positive results.” – Dr. John Maxwell

People find it easier to follow a leader who embodies high integrity. By holding people accountable (from a young age) for their choices we elevate their capacity to resist character destroying moments in the future.

2. Help Them Find Their Purpose

“Each of us was created to rule, govern, control, master, manage and lead our environments.” – Dr. Myles Munroe

Every individual has a unique ability to rise to the top in their sphere of greatness. As parents study their children’s lives to discern talents and gifts they begin the process of helping chart a course towards that persons greatness.

3. Instil In Them A Servant’s Heart

“A great leader must also know how to be a great servant.” – Dr. Carmen Lynne

A study of the greatest historic leaders will reveal a high percentage of servant hearted influence. If you want your child to be named with world-changing leaders as, Gandhi, Mandela, Churchill, Christ, etc., ensure they begin serving others at home.

4. Ensure They Become Great Listeners

“I failed to realize that the road to vision buy-in was two-way communication.” – Dr. John Maxwell

Never allow a child to get away with ignoring their siblings or you as a parent. Team interdependence and synergy is spawned from the knowledge that every member has beneficial insights that can promote a family group or corporation as a whole.

5. Lead Them To Take Initiative

“Let him that would move the world first move himself.” – Socrates

Great leaders have discovered that accomplishing vital or necessary tasks prior to the merely enjoyable ones ensures success. Simple daily responsibilities such as making beds or cleaning rooms birth a habit of pitching in and accomplishing goals.

By following these 5 simple keys every parent may begin to instil leadership influence in their kids and set them on a path to becoming the greatest leaders on the planet.

Source by Dr. Steven J. Lynne

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