How to promote affiliate product without a website and still make sales.

How do I promote my affiliate product without a website?
The above question is very common among aspiring affiliate marketer and some of the reason are
1. Financial constraint: sometimes we do not have the money to start a website or we do not have money to purchase a laptop, pay for domain name and webhosting.
2. People feel intimidated by starting a website due to fear of technology: sometime the fear that we are not tech savvy can hider us from wanting to own a website.
3. They are worried it will take time: the fear that it might take a long time for my website to be ready before I can start earning some commission total prevent some people.

The truth is doing affiliate marketing without a website in many people’s opinion is not the best way to do it, but it is doable in fact, in fact countless successful affiliate marketers have done it, and there is no limit to how far you can go even with this method.
Now I will be give you 6 simple ways to promote your affiliate product without a website!

Steps on how you can promote through Facebook,
• Research and pick your niche (health, relationships, wealth etc.)
• Pick the appropriate affiliate products or services (if it health you can try weight loss product)
• As a beginner make use of your personal profile (very much advisable)
• Create a Facebook profile banner stating exactly was you do and a clear call to action
• You should funnel people from your profile banner to your landing that way they can opt-in for your lead magnet. The essence of this is so you build your email list
• Build your audience by joining groups that are in your niche.
• Only promote your offer on your personal profile not in the groups you joined
• Scale-up by joining influencers in your niche

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Steps to promote your affiliate product using Instagram.
• Research and pick your niche
• Pick the appropriate affiliate products or services you want to promote
• Create a personal Instagram profile
• Optimize your profile by using the appropriate hashtags and put the link to your funnel in the bio
• Promote your links in relevant comments
• Take the steps necessary to build your audience
• Scale-up by joining relevant influencers

• Research and pick your niche
• Pick the appropriate affiliate products or services you want to promote
• Sign up for a Pinterest business account
• Create boards and pin other peoples stuff
• Design your pins using a free tool like Canva
• Brand your designs
• Create multiple graphics for each affiliate offer
• Link your pins to any or all of these
A product
A lead magnet
A service
A course
• Pin the graphics with your affiliate links
• Scale-up by joining Tailwind to schedule your pins

• Research and pick your niche
• Pick the appropriate affiliate products or services you want to promote
• Sign up for Medium.com
• Research on interesting and helpful things you can write about that would help people that have relation to what you are promoting by carrying out proper keyword research
• Write a very interesting blog post (the idea is to add value to peoples life)
• Put your affiliate links in the post but make sure you put affiliate disclosure, the same with the rest of the methods

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• Research and pick a niche
• Set up your YouTube channel
• Pick relevant affiliate products
• Carry out proper keyword research on any video before you make it
• Put out high-quality videos in the form of
Product review videos
Comparison videos
Unboxing Videos
Top 10 Videos
• Add affiliate links in the description of your video
• Make a call to action at the end of your videos
• Rinse and repeat the last 4 steps


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