There is no doubt that the lockdown we are presently experiencing globally has gravely impacted many businesses.

Nations have lost billions of dollars because individual businesspeople are losing money as their profit margin is drastically slimming down every day.
However, we have some businesses who are still thriving despite the hard economic season. In fact the profit margins of some companies are only skyrocketing as the lockdown persist.

I have read testimonies of some people who have made and are still making handsome amount money despite the lockdown whereas a lot of businesses are only making losses. Why this?

It is either because the owners or runners of those thriving businesses have prepared beforehand or the service/commodity they are producing is extremely essential or it’s simply because they just obtain special mercy from God.

As a businessman myself and as a Business Coach I have examined those thriving businesses and have been able to discovered some of the secrets of their success. These are the things I want to share with you so that your own business too can survive or be revived and thrive even in this economic pandemonium caused by the pandemic.

The number one secret I found out is that, these amazingly flourishing businesses have an online platform where you can buy from them, make payments and get their product/service from the comfort of your home as a customer. The Telecommunication companies is a good example. They had automated the delivery of their services and products. Some companies have even device a means through which their employees can work from their houses to keep things moving for them.

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You must learn from this if you want to survive this period and beyond. We are in the digital age. There is need to take your business online. And note this, I’m not talking about online advertisements now. I’m talking of actually doing that same thing you are doing physically on an online platform. I mean running your business operation online.
I believe if you will brainstorm, brood and research over the “how” you will come up with a way out.

There is need to take your business online because that’s where people are. People are no more on the street but online. If it is just teaching people how to do what you were doing that was fetching you money before “stupid boy Coro” showed up. Do it– online and charge people at a discounted price. They will gladly show up and pay you for it because a lot of people want to learn something new that can change their financial status in this season.

I can remember teaching someone one of those skills of mine some weeks ago. I firstly did a work for the person and the fellow fell in love with my proficiency then registered interest for the training of the actual process of the production of the work I did. Later on, I taught the person, provided some business counsel on how to monetize the skill and I got paid. And that’s all. Don’t forget we did this solely on WhatsApp. And another person will be coming onboard shortly.

If your business will survive or be revived during this lockdown and beyond you must find a way of digitalising the operations and transaction of your business.

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To be continued…

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©OKUNOYE Ayodeji John
Business Coach, Public Speaker,
Founder, MorningStar Success Institute (MSI).


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Ayodeji Okunoye

OKUNOYE Ayodeji John is a Success and Business Coach, Public Speaker, Leader and a man of Amiable character. He is the Founder and Lead Trainer of MorningStar Success Institute (MSI) and also Creative Director at MSI Media.

He is a certified Trainer in Business Establishment and Expansion, Personal, Career as well as Leadership Development by reputable Institutions in Nigeria and outside the country.

He holds leadership position at different capacity and a volunteer of some organizations such as the United Nation, RCCG, TCG, FBSL etc. He is the organizer of LAUTECH BUSINESS CONFERENCE.

Ayodeji is a regular and certified participants of many local and international conferences, seminars and workshops through physical and online participations such as THE GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT, MANAGEMENT SKILLS COURSES & QUIZZES, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MOBILE e-SERVICES & WORKSHOP ON BIOINFORMATICS, CLIMATE IMPACTS RESEARCH CAPACITY LEADERSHIP ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM organized by The Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK, at LAUTECH

From his years of training and mentoring people he discovered that everyone can be successful, if we can all be inspired and better equipped. This is the Vision and Mission that he runs with.

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