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How To Enjoy Unpleasant Situations

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What is an unpleasant situation?

Unpleasant situations is a combination of two English words “unpleasant” and “situation” and each word will be taking into proper consideration before defining the combine words which is “unpleasant situation”.

Something unpleasant is disagreeable, painful, or annoying in some way. While situation is a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself; a state of affairs.

So, unpleasant situation is a disagreeable, painful or annoying circumstance. And you will agree with me that no one likes unpleasant situations.

In a recent research conducted by Witfound Magazine, it was revealed that humans gravitate towards pleasure and avoid pain. Also human will do more to avoid pain than to enjoy pleasure.

This above truth is the reason why everyone tries to avoid unpleasant situations, but sometimes we still find ourselves in an unpleasant situations. So, what do we do when we try our best to avoid unpleasant situations but still they happen.

How do we enjoy unpleasant situations?

Another important psychological research proved that “human reflect on perception or imperception”.

Let understand perception,

  • The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.
  • The way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.

The second definition is the perfect definition that explain perception in this context.

Imperception is the opposite of perception which means lack of perception.

So human reflect on perception or on imperception.

How perception or imperception put us in unpleasant situations.

Death and public speaking is the topmost fear of human and sometimes public speaking top the list.

Being asked to speak in public for some people is an unpleasant situation?

So how does a public speaker overcome the unpleasant situation of public speaking?

(Public speaking was an unpleasant art for me when I was growing up, but today I enjoy it.

So how did I overcome the fear of public speaking?)

How do bodybuilders overcome the unpleasant situation they experience during workout?

How do mothers overcome the unpleasant situation they experience during pregnancy?

How do entrepreneurs overcome unpleasant situations they experience from their loss?

How do lovers overcome the unpleasant situation they experience in their relationship?

The secret to enjoy unpleasant situations is changing our perception and imperception.

The answer is simple. It’s the way we perceive the situation, as a speaker I do not perceive public speaking as an art that will bring disgrace to me in public rather I see it as an opportunity to add value, influence and to give insight to my audience. And this perception always help me to deliver greatly.

Bodybuilders do not perceive the unpleasant situations as inflicting pains on their body, they see it as an exercise that keep their body in shape.

Mothers do not perceive the unpleasant situation of the pregnancy they perceive the joy of motherhood.

Entrepreneurs do not perceive the unpleasant situation of the loss they perceive or envision the gain.

Lovers do not perceive the unpleasant situation of their relationship but the beauty of their love.

To enjoy unpleasant situations we need to learn to be positive and focus our mind on positivity and possibility.

Learning to see the beauty and the gain instead of the ugly and the pain.




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