Five principles to take your business off the ground.

Five principles to take your business off the ground.

Five principles to take your business off the ground.
A lot of people have ideas that can become a global business and brimg values, comfort, solution to people, but only few make their idea a reality. Today you are going to be reading about how you can turn your ideas to business.
• Seek knowledge.
A lot of people are afraid to set up their business because of ignorance, fear is born out of ignorance, ignorance of the market, of what to do, where to start etc.
• Get a mentor
Look out for a mentor preferrably someone doing exactly what you’re doing and he is ahead of you, someone who can put you through cause he had been there before.
• Understand basic business management skills
You need to understand basic business management skills like marketing, sales, project management. Nine business fail out of ten before the fifth year birthday due to lack of business management skill and financial management skills.
• Have leadership skills
You need to have leadership skills, your business needs people to run, to get profit etc. You need to understand how to lead your employees to get maximum inputs.
• Customer service skills
Some business are not running anymore, not because their product is not good, but because they lack customers service skills. Customer seevice skills is very important because it is the major determinant for your customer to keep coming.


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