Atimes you might be tempted to QUIT.

Other times you might be enticed to take SHORT CUT.
while sometimes you may feel like ENVYING and HATING those that are Successful around you because of FRUSTRATION or INTIMIDATION

Don’t Do ANY of These!
If you do this, the Success you desire will be pushed FARTHER AWAY from you.

Everyone have their own time and you too have yours– Coming!

Don’t QUIT because Quitters Never Win
Don’t take SHORT CUT. It’s Always The Wrong Cut
Neither permit ENVY or HATRED. It will push Success a thousand mile away from your reach.

Just keep moving even in LOCK DOWN. RICHLY INVEST in yourself at this period. LOCK-IN a lot of Wisdom in this LOCK DOWN. Never allow the LOCK DOWN to put your BACK DOWN.

Note this;
“CHANGE will favour only those who PREPARE for it”

Just Keep Moving because you are nearer to your Success than you think. You will soon get there.

I believe in you.

©OKUNOYE Ayodeji
Success Coach, Public Speaker
Business Coach.


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Ayodeji Okunoye

OKUNOYE Ayodeji John is a Success and Business Coach, Public Speaker, Leader and a man of Amiable character. He is the Founder and Lead Trainer of MorningStar Success Institute (MSI) and also Creative Director at MSI Media.

He is a certified Trainer in Business Establishment and Expansion, Personal, Career as well as Leadership Development by reputable Institutions in Nigeria and outside the country.

He holds leadership position at different capacity and a volunteer of some organizations such as the United Nation, RCCG, TCG, FBSL etc. He is the organizer of LAUTECH BUSINESS CONFERENCE.

Ayodeji is a regular and certified participants of many local and international conferences, seminars and workshops through physical and online participations such as THE GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT, MANAGEMENT SKILLS COURSES & QUIZZES, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MOBILE e-SERVICES & WORKSHOP ON BIOINFORMATICS, CLIMATE IMPACTS RESEARCH CAPACITY LEADERSHIP ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM organized by The Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK, at LAUTECH

From his years of training and mentoring people he discovered that everyone can be successful, if we can all be inspired and better equipped. This is the Vision and Mission that he runs with.

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