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Nobody start being an expert, we must first be a beginner. We have compiled a beginner lesson in music together for you to help you start your career in music. It involves rudiments of music, learning to play guitar or piano and learning to play by ear.

Our course contains three books which you’ll have access to and they are
• Learn guitar and piano in 21 days
This will introduce you to solfa note and chord formation on guitar and piano. This contain everything you need in an explanatory way except your rehearsals that must be constant.
• Book of solfa notes
This book contain solfa notation of common songs, train with this book and in few days your ear would have been accustomed to the sound of the solfa note and you will be playing by ear.
• Romantic songs and chord progression
This book contain popular songs and their chord progression to play and rehearse with.

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Musicguru is an online company dedicated to help people achieve their desire in music. We train beginners and expert. We solve the common problem musicians struggle with the problem of playing by ear.

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