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A Practical Advice For Woman Going Through Sexless Marriage

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Women that live in a sexless marriage are often in a worse place then men stuck with the same relationship problems because while the frustration, depression and humiliation effect men and women both it is a belief that sexless marriages are usually when the women refuses to have sex; this leaves women with husbands who will not submit to physical intimacy feeling like they have very little support. Within this sexless marriage advice article we will firstly say that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Statistic compiled in the US have shown that 20-25% of men complain about their lack of sex drive and a massive 18% of married couples have sex less than 10 times a year which classes their relationship as effectively, a sexless one. This is a frightening set of statistics which in turn is a frightening set of relationship issues that sit below the surface of the nation. So why is it that so many women suffer sexual rejection by their husbands and what can you do about it?

Firstly a sexless marriage is not a symptom of lack of sexual attraction, putting on a few extra pounds does not diminish the emotive and physical intimacy and attraction you once felt for each other exclusively. These are usually just symptoms of a deeper issue or issues in a relationship that is frequently caused by a lack of communication and a lack of understanding that can get so bad it can play a part in ending a relationship though lack of sex and eventually the connection we call love that is enhanced by this intimacy.

Finding out the root causes of these things can be difficult when dealing with men because of their general reluctance to talk of their feelings and open up about their problems and secrets. A certain amount of patience and understanding must be kept despite your frustrations to delve into his emotive state that will drive his physical desires just as they do for women. The best bit of sexless marriage advice you can receive is that NO relationships is the same and your case while similar to others is unique and requires your own touch to fix it, the other bit of advice is to be careful when taking an active hand in trying to solve this relationship problem because the wrong approach can drive your husband further away rather than closer!

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